Ravens Vs Patriots Monday Night Chat

Since a couple people had asked about it, and it’s really the first game Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans are really watching down the home stretch, let’s stop by and talk about it. Discuss tonight’s game, the Baltimore Ravens taking on the New England Patriots, with the rest of Steelers’ Nation.

And for one night, gulp, root for the Patriots. A New England win would put the Steelers solely in first place of the AFC North, meaning if they win out, they take the North. It won’t be easy though. The Pats don’t have Rob Gronkowski and the Ravens’ defense is tough while their offense is getting incrementally better.

I’ll be here giving my thoughts on here throughout the game and talking to you guys in the chat. Maybe Matthew and/or Dave stop by too.

So kick back, relax, and…go New England?

First Quarter 

We have kickoff! Patriots’ football.

Three and out for New England. Because of course.

Belichick rushing three to start. Keeping the ball underneath. No target that is going to scare them like the vertical threat.

Flacco sacked! Ball came out, refs let it play out. But they’re ruling him down. Said forward progress stopped. Weird call.

*Tom Brady gets touched*

*800 flags*

*Ben Roethlisberger on same field with wild tiger*

*Refs see how things play out*

Patriots again have to punt. Rob Gronkowski can have my spine. I don’t use it anyway.

This is where I tell you all about how right I am about Jonathan Jones. FIGHT ME.

Patriots score first. On a safety. Safety rotated down late, DL shifted to eight man front. Screwed with Baltimore’s blocking scheme.

A call on Tom Brady? Ok, now I’m heading to my bunker. The end is near.


Tonight’s offenses: a race to the bottom.

Leaping the center to block a FG is seriously my favorite play in football. Pats still lead 2-0 at Fenway.

$100 Harbaugh complains about this rule after the game, right?

Ravens’ CB Jimmy Smith hurt. Just got healthy too. Big collision on the goal line.

Touchdown LeGarrette Blount. 9-0 (good?) guys.

Second Quarter 

Patriots taking everything away downfield. And the backs underneath just aren’t good enough playmakers to make New England do anything different.

Joe Flacco: 8/15 96 yards
Tom Brady: 8/14 84 yards

Gotta give credit where it’s due. Brady + Belichick + empty set, almost unbeatable.

Touchdown to Brady’s new favorite target – Malcolm Mitchell. Steelers poised to be leading the AFC North.

Some of my rambling worth reading. For those asking/wondering, what an interview with Bill Belichick is like. Really fun read. Here is the link.

Flacco pick. Can we call ballgame already?

Ravens blowout win last week. Blowout loss this week. A reminder that football is weird.

Brady picked…somehow. And Baltimore has life.

Ravens were going to go for it on 4th and 2. False start negates it, forced to punt. Pats still lead 16-0.

Justin Tucker’s bionic leg still bionic. 50 yarder is good. 16-3 New England. Ravens ball after the half.

Third Quarter

Ravens get the kick. Nice return by Hester but called back on a hold. Join the club, Baltimore.

TD New England. Bennett outmuscles the linebacker in the end zone. This one is over, folks.

Umm…back to back special teams muffs for the Patriots. Cue Belichick explosion in 3…2…1…

And the Ravens score again. TD Kenneth Dixon. Crying in the corner.

Pats punt but Baltimore starts at the one. 23-17.

Fourth Quarter

Patriots still lead 23-17.

About 3rd and 4 for Baltimore. In the red zone. Huge play coming up.

Patriots get the sack on third down. Tucker FG. 23-20 New England still leads with 6:30 to go. Fingers crossed.

Touchdown New England! Chris Hogan WIDE open downfield. Woah.

Wow, Tucker somehow kept that inside the upright. 30-23 New England leads. Two minutes to go.

Onside kick, Patriots recover. 2:01 left.

Blount runs the Ravens over. Patriots going to win. Steelers move into first place in the AFC North.

Patriots hold on. Thanks for stopping by tonight, everyone!

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