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Ravens WR Steve Smith Thinks Steelers S Mike Mitchell Is “A Cabinet”

The Baltimore Ravens beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday and the two players who probably enjoyed that victory the most are wide receivers Steve Smith Sr. and Mike Wallace. We’ll get to what Wallace said after the game in a future post but Smith’s post-game comments were quite funny and take the cake.

As you can see below, Smith, who played against the Steelers despite entering the weekend listed as questionable with an ankle injury, had quite a few things to say about Steelers safety Mike Mitchell.

Smith referred to himself as a “foundation builder” and Mitchell as “a cabinet.” He goes on to say that Mitchell is not even on his kids’ level and that he never will be.

Smith is obviously still upset at Mitchell for the way he acted last season during a game between the Steelers and the Ravens. During that game, Smith was knocked out of the contest with a back injury following a hit by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons along the sideline following a reception.

After the game was over Smith said that Mitchell was on his permanent “hit list” even though he wasn’t involved in the play that knocked him out of the game. Smith continued on with his dislike for Smith well into January.

Prior to Sunday’s game, Mitchell posted a picture of him hitting Smith on his Instagram page.

Smith made sure to point after Sunday’s win over the Steelers that Mitchell was stiff-armed twice on two big Ravens plays. One happened during a long catch and run by Smith while the other took place during the 95-yard touchdown by Wallace.

The Steelers will play the Ravens again on Christmas night in Pittsburgh and you can bet the two players will be looking forward to that game as well.

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