Steelers James Harrison Expected To Make Announcement On 2016 Status Soon

Today may just be Sunday, April 24th, but for James Harrison, it should mark the end of his six week training program at the Danney Center in Arizona. And as he’s told us before, he’ll be ready to announce his decision of if he’ll officially play in 2016.

This is what he told ESPN’s Hannah Storm back in February.

“I decided to go out to Arizona on the 13th [of March] and see if I can get back to where I need to be. And if I’m able to be 100% and give my team, the org, my full effort. And if I can’t do tht when I come back, then the end of April, I’ll retire. And I’ll talk away. If i can, then I’ll continue. but I’ll let those six weeks decide.”

We are now exactly six weeks from March 13th and hopefully will have an answer from Harrison soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. Though it’s been strongly hinted he will return, from the man himself and Kevin Colbert, there has been no official verdict. We know Harrison expressed displeasure with the Steelers’ schedule, forcing him to play on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. His children have played big factors in his decisions to continue playing the last two years and if there’s a reason to think he’ll decide to retire, that’s near the top of the list.

Harrison doesn’t have his mind on retirement today though. It’s on donuts.

We’ll pass along the word whenever Harrison makes his decision. Expect Mike Tomlin and Colbert to be asked about it tomorrow, but you should also expect them to not give much of an answer.

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