DeAngelo Williams, Vontaze Burfict Engage In Twitter War

Well, there’s a headline I didn’t expect to write today.

Maybe it was created out of DeAngelo Williams’ comments that the Cincinnati Bengals would be his biggest rival in 2015, but Vontaze Burfict and Williams are having a little spat on Twitter.

I’m not positive what started the exchange but it appears Burfict was the first to tweet to Williams, responding to a third party tweet which has now been deleted. Williams quickly fired back.

Warning there is some foul language used below. So if you’re in work or have the kid looking over your shoulder, be on high alert.


So far, the exchange has appeared to fizzle out there. Though there are really no “winners” in a petty Twitter fight, Williams is certainly coming off more mature here. Burfict is a talented player but like Williams says, his ridiculous antics, on and now off the field, make him look like the same immature player who came out of Arizona State.

The NFL schedule will be released in the coming weeks, before the draft. We’ll find out when the first Steelers/Bengals game takes place. Mark it on your calendars. You can bet these two will.

h/t Kelly

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