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Shazier Seeking Consistency in 2016

Ask any Pittsburgh Steelers‘ fan about Ryan Shazier, from the one who can tell you who was the leading rusher in 1935 to the Yinzer you met in Station Square, and they’re bound to give you the same answer: the potential for a great player but one who has to be more consistent. And ask Shazier himself and he’ll tell you the same thing.

“I think it’s definitely consistency. It’s the biggest thing,” he told Missi Matthews of

“When people are looking at guys, one game you might show you’re the greatest player in the world and the next game, you might not even be heard. So I think the biggest thing especially with me, Bud, and Jarvis, people that are looking at us, and really hoping for a lot of us. We have to be really consistent each week in and each week out.”

In the interview, and as you probably know, his top performances against the San Francisco 49ers and Wild Card game versus the Cincinnati Bengals are outputs he’s looking to replicate more often in 2016.

As we mentioned yesterday, and is another aspect synomous with Shazier, is the need to stay healthy. He vowed to have better workout habits during the year.

“Once I start something, I have to stay with something. A lot of times, I would do the workouts, but I wouldn’t do the same workouts as before. I was going hard but I was foucsing more on football and less on working out as much. It’s a balance. You need to workout as much as you focus on football so you can maintain your body.”

After a healthy college career where he didn’t miss a game, Shazier has missed large chunks of his first two years in the NFL, and has been one of the biggest sources of frustration for himself and fans.

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