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Steelers Fan Gets Back At Broncos Fan By Putting His House Up For Sale

It’s not uncommon for a fan of one NFL team to ride the fan of another team after his team beats the other’s in the playoffs. What is uncommon, however, is for the fan of the losing team to prank the fan of the winning team by putting his house up for sale unbeknownst to him. Such a thing actually happened after the Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers a few weeks ago in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.

According to KUSA-TV in Denver, Brian Lusk, a Broncos fan, had his house put up for sale by a friend of his who just so happened to be a fan of the Steelers.

“I have a buddy who’s a good Pittsburgh Steelers fan – and we had some bets going for the Steelers game and of course the Broncos won so I rode him pretty hard for two or three days and gave him a lot of heck,” Lusk said in the news report.

The newspaper ad placed by the Steelers fan claimed he was selling his 2100 square feet, three bedroom, two bathroom house in Erie, CO by owner and that he wanted very little in return, relatively speaking.

“Getting divorced: leaving her with nothing,” the ad reads. “Will sell home for 2 tickets to the Super Bowl with airfare and lodging.”

Since the ad was placed, Lusk’s phone has reportedly been ringing off the hook and one hopeful buyer even offered two Super Bowl tickets on the 45-yard line along with first class airfare and a suite at a hotel in hopes of acquiring the home on the cheap.

Man, what an extreme prank that is. Lusk, as you can probably imagine, is now looking for ways to get back at his Steeler fan friend and I can’t rightly blame him. At least he already can take some pride in the fact that his team his going to the Super Bowl and that the path to the big game included the Broncos beating the Steelers.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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