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Lake On Golson: “He’s Going To Have Prove That He Can Play In This League”

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Mississippi cornerback Senquez Golson in the second-round of the 2015 NFL Draft and defensive backs coach Carnell Lake made an opening statement about his newest player after the selection was made.

“Really a ball-hawking type of corner that has very good quickness, very good anticipation and awareness, said Lake of the 5-8, 176-pound Golson. “Looking forward to having him in the building.”

Because of his size, Lake was asked if expects Golson to be challenged early and often at the NFL level

“He’s going to be challenged, there’s no question about that,” said Lake. “Just like they challenge all of our defensive backs. If you’re six-two, they’re still going to throw at you, or if you’re five-eight they’re going to throw at you. So, Senquez is going to have to come in and he’s going to have prove that he can play in this league and we believe he can.”

Lake was then asked if Golson will play in the slot with the Steelers and his answer seemed to stray a little.

“Talking to him when we had him in for a visit, Senquez is very intelligent, very football-aware, very knowledgeable of the game, said Lake. “I was asking him about some of the defenses that he played at Mississippi and some of the problems and issues that he had, or situations that the defense had at Mississippi, and before I could finish the question he already started answering. So he’s very sharp and I really liked that about him. He won’t have a problems learning the system. He’s very aware. I can put him in multiple situations because of that and I think he’ll adapt very quickly to different schemes and positions that we might put him in, whether it’s the nickel or playing corner outside.”

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