Vince Williams Has A Message For Those Who Think Ryan Shazier Should Be Moved To Safety

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Vince Williams is certainly an entertaining follow on Twitter and on Wednesday the former sixth-round draft pick had a message for everyone that thinks fellow linebacker Ryan Shazier should be moved to safety. You can read those tweets below.

I’ve been trying to shoot down that position move notion ever since the Steelers drafted Shazier last year in the first round so perhaps Williams will have be able to quiet that portion of the fanbase once and for all.

In addition to making several Steelers fans look foolish Wednesday, Williams also let it be known that he’s trying to get down to 235 pounds during the offseason and lose his hips in the process. Williams is evidently trying to cut out sugar in carbohydrates to lose the weight.

If you missed the article from Wednesday by Matthew Marczi on Williams, you can read it here.


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