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Report: Steelers-Texans Game Drew Better TV Ratings Than Opening World Series Game

Despite there reportedly being nearly 9,000 no-shows at Heinz Field Monday night for the Pittsburgh Steelers game against the Houston Texans, plenty of people nationwide still decided that the contest was worth watching on Monday Night Football.

According to Randy Harvey of the Houston Chronicle, the Monday night game between the Steelers and the Texans drew a national television audience estimated at 13.275 million. As a means of comparison, Harvey reports that Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday night drew an estimated 10. 7 million television viewers nationwide.

While ESPN is reportedly happy with the number of viewers that the Steelers-Texans game produced, Harvey says that those numbers were less than half of the estimated 30 million viewers who watched the Oct. 12 Monday night game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks.

More than anything, I’m curious as to what happened to the tickets that belonged to the nearly 9,000 fans that failed to show up to game Monday night. I can understand not wanting to go because of how the team is currently playing, but if that’s indeed the case, why not give them to a family that isn’t able to afford to go to a regular season game?

Nearly 9,000 no-shows? Wow!

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