How To Get Deported From Steelers Nation

By Michael K. Reynolds

You want to know the worst thing about writing about the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Having to analyze horribly disappointing losses? No. It’s actually part of the healing process.

Being called an imbecile? Or a know-nothing, posing, wannabe, moron? No. That’s one of the true joys of being a blogger.

What is terrible…is being misinterpreted.

For instance, when a harmless statement like “Antonio Brown could learn something from Heath Miller about classy touchdown celebrations” somehow frees from a cage some loony commenter offering up some poorly veiled Aryan Nations rant.

We should be able to speak our thoughts about Coach Mike Tomlin’s leadership qualities without it devolving into, “Well…that’s what you get with the Rooney Rule.”

Those kind of statements are like fingernails on a chalkboard. It discredits that person because they don’t have a clue of what Steelers Nation is all about. That’s sad for them.

And what does that say about their intellect? They don’t like African American people or their culture? Then perhaps they ought to take a close look at NFL rosters. Do us all a favor and find another sport.

For me, Steelers Nation is a beautiful thing. Indivisible by playoff flops, bad coaching, miserable player performance and annoying opposing fans. Regardless of whether you just parked a garbage truck or a Rolls Royce, if you bleed Black and Gold when you’re cut…we are brother and sister.

All over the nation. The world. The sight of a bumper sticker, a “Stillers” license plate or an iconic jersey; Lambert’s 58, Swanny’s 88 or Lloyd’s 95—they remind us we are always among family. You can be rolling film reels of the 70’s Steel Curtain in your head or sporting a Terrible Towel diaper. It’s all the same. We are brothers and sisters.

We gather in dimly lit sports bars, hot wing smelling living rooms and massive, Renegade blaring standing room only stadiums. We realize it’s all just about 22 men chasing after a leather ball, so we don’t take it too seriously. But together we have some serious fun. A shared moment away from the harsh realities of the steel mills we all face in our lives.

We are Steelers Nation. The greatest fans in the world.

You love the Steelers? You got something to add to Steelers Nation? You’re in.

Got an opinion about the team? The 3-4? The lack of a running game? Let’s hear it. It doesn’t need to be brilliant. It can be moronic. Just check out several of my past posts for perfect examples.

But if you don’t have anything to add and instead just want to divide. You’re out, because you were never really in.

You never got what being a citizen of Steelers Nation is all about.

Jumping in to Steelers Nation? It’s easy.

Getting deported? Well…that takes an idiot.

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