18 Steelers Players That Could Soon Get A Visit From The Turk

The Pittsburgh Steelers will need to trim their active roster down to 75 players next week so that means several players are entering their final week with the team. Below is a look at 18 players that are primed to be waived after the Thursday night preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

DT Al Lapuaho – With so many defensive linemen on the roster, Lapuaho , a Utah State product, never really had a chance. He’s played all of three snaps on defense in the first two preseason games and thus primed to be one of the first players out the door.

WR C.J. Goodwin – Goodwin got a chance to wear the black and gold thanks to Hall of Fame cornerback Mel Blount, however, he has yet to play a snap in the first two preseason games after being slowed by a shoulder injury during training camp.

CB Dayonne Nunley – Nunley was signed on Monday and that’s likely because the Steelers have a few banged up cornerbacks on the roster in the form of Shaquille Richardson and Devin Smith. The health of those two players will likely determine whether or not he sticks around one more week.

G/T Graham Pocic – Like Nunley, Pocic was signed on Monday after Bryant Browning had to be waived injured with a dislocated shoulder. It will be surprising if the Illinois product last past this weekend.

T Emmanuel McCray – McCray, who was signed way back in May, is one of just a few Steelers players that has yet to see playing time during the preseason. That’s a sure sign that he will be out the door soon.

WR Lanear Sampson – with all of the young wide receivers on the roster, Sampson, much like Goodwin has struggled to see the field during the preseason.

RB Stephen Houston – Houston was signed last week and failed to get playing time this past Saturday night. A few running backs are sure to get waived next week and there’s a good chance that he’s one them.

QB Brendon Kay – The Steelers fourth-string quarterback didn’t get a chance to play in either of the first two preseason games and it’s doubtful he’ll see time in the third one. It’s only a matter of time until the Cincinnati product is gone.

DE Roy Philon – Philon has played all of eight snaps in the first two games and thus his time is short.

CB Lew Toler – Toler will be best known as the cornerback that Buffalo Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins made look silly during one of the two scrimmages the two teams had against each other to close out training camp. His only chance of sticking another week depends on the health of the other cornerbacks on the roster. Toler has played 18 snaps in two preseason games.

DE Ethan Hemer – Hemer is buried on the defensive line depth chart along with Philon and Lapuaho. He’s played all of 26 snaps in the first two preseason games.

G/C Chris Elkins – Elkins, aka Chicken Nugget, has only managed to play nine snaps during the preseason thus far. He’s not a sure cut next week, but certainly will be after the final preseason game. He might have an outside shot at the practice squad if he hangs around.

RB Jordan Hall – Hall is buried on the running back depth chart and thus has only played 20 snaps in the first two preseason games. It will be a minor miracle if the diminutive Ohio State product makes to the final preseason game.

RB Miguel Maysonet – Maysonet, like Hall, hasn’t seen much playing time in the first two preseason games. There’s an outside chance he hangs on another week just as a body.

WR Kashif Moore – Moore is definitely on the fringe after only playing 11 snaps on offense so far during the preseason.

CB Devin Smith – Depending on the nature of the recent injury that he suffered, Smith could be a candidate to be waived/injured.

LB Dan Molls – Molls is an exciting player to watch, but if the numbers at the inside linebacker position don’t get him after this week, they certainly will the following week. I’m silently rooting for him to stick around and make it to the practice squad. This why I have him way at the bottom of this list.

S Ross Ventrone – I only list Ventrone here as the Steelers could decide to give him an early courtesy release. He’s out of practice squad eligibility and an extra week head start would give him a tiny chance of catching on elsewhere.

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