2014 Draft

Quotes From Kevin Colbert And Mike Tomlin On The Selection Of Ohio State LB Ryan Shazier

I will be posting quotes from Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin in this post from the press conference following the Pittsburgh Steelers selection of Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.


“Three years there at Ohio state, each and every year his production increased.” His biggest asset, aside from his youth, is his speed. This guy can flat out run.”

“This kid’s talent is unique. He’s going to continue to grow. And his ability to make plays laterally in the backfield as tackles for losses, I think it’s really important for today’s defenses.”


“They (Ohio State) asked him to do a lot of things. Similar things that we can envision him asking him to do.”

“In base he played inside, in sub package he got after the quarterback.”

“He’s a guy that’s capable of being on his feet making the sideline to sideline tackles that’s associated with today’s football.”

“Quite frankly, the young man’s got no holes, he’s a football lover. He’s experienced. He’s exciting and he’s glad to be here.”

“We’re going to look at him playing at Mack and maybe moving some guys around, but that’s to be determined. what we needed was a defensive playmaker and he fits the bill in that regard.”

“I think he just represents what’s going on with football today. College football, with the ability to spread people out, you need people that can play in vertical and horizontal space. He’s shown the ability to do that.”

“I think his production speaks for itself. You don’t make 150 tackles without running to the ball. His tape says that. He doesn’t need my endorsement. He plays with a great deal of urgency.”

“When you start talking about guys at the linebacker position running sub four-five, that’s rare air.”

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