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Peter King Sees Short Suspension For Ravens RB Ray Rice

While sources have told NFL insider Mike Freeman that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice faces a ‘significant’ suspension as a result of his actions in an Atlantic City casino elevator this past February, Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote Monday in his “Monday Morning Quarterback” post that he expects leniency.

Rice likely faces a short (maybe two games) suspension from the commissioner for being a first-time offender in the personal-conduct policy. He’s got a strong résumé and is greatly admired for his work in the community. He shouldn’t be thrown out with the trash. But he’s got to realize that the performance the other day was tone-deaf.

Personally, I don’t understand King’s “first-time offender” reasoning. It’s the nature of the crime that really should be more important. If a player were to test positive for banned substances or illegal drugs, they’re only hurting themselves. In the case of Rice, he physically hurt another human being and a female human being at that.

That fact that Rice was a do-gooder before allegedly knocking out cold his now-wife should not make a difference.

Now that the Rice has had his ill-advised press conference and the investigation of the incident appears to be over, commissioner Roger Goodell will likely summons the Ravens running back to the league offices in the coming weeks before handing down a punishment. At that time, we shall see if King’s first-time offender reasoning winds up being correct.

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