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NFL PR Man Says Report Stating Steelers Are A Finalists For Hard Knocks Is “Totally Inaccurate”

Updating a previous story, NFL PR man Greg Aiello is now calling a Tuesday report by Tomm Looney of Fox Sports Radio that stated the Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants and Chicago Bears were the three finalists for Hard Knocks this year, “totally inaccurate.”

In other words, Aiello thinks Looney is loony.

Last year, HBO did not announce that they had chosen the Cincinnati Bengals to be the subject matter of the training camp documentary until the middle of June, so one would think they would keep close to that same timeline this year.

Despite Looney’s report being called out as inaccurate, the Steelers are one of eight teams that could be forced to do Hard Knocks this year as they meet all of the criteria laid out by the league.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin called the long-running HBO show a joke last month and in so many words let it be known that he’s not wanting his team to be the subject matter this year or any other year.

Stay tuned.

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