2014 Draft

Five 2014 Pre NFL Draft Questions: Volume One

With the 2014 NFL Draft still a little more than a week away, I will be posting sets of five draft related questions for you to answer. Some of these will be related to the Pittsburgh Steelers while others will be generic or related to other teams.

Make sure to number your responses in the comments below.

1. If you were in need of a quarterback this year and draft in the Top 10, would you select Johnny Manziel? Why or why not?

2. Of the players you think the Steelers will strongly consider with their first round selection, which one scares you the most and why?

3. Name one player that you hope the Baltimore Ravens don’t draft and tell me why.

4. Trades are so very hard to predict, but if given a fair trade chart offer to move down in round one, do you hope the Steelers take it?

5. Of the major media draftniks, which one is your favorite and why?

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