2014 Salary Cap

Steelers Make Will Allen, Greg Warren Re-signings Official

The Pittsburgh Steelers officially announced on Wednesday that two of their unrestricted free agents, safety Will Allen and long snapper Greg Warren, have both been re-signed.

According to the report, both Allen and Warren signed one-year contracts and while the financial details aren’t yet known, both likely accepted one-year veteran qualifying contracts for the minimum based on their accrued years in the league.

In signing one-year qualifying contracts, Allen and Warren should both only count a max of 635,000 each against the Steelers 2014 salary cap and that assumes both were given the maximum $65,000 signing bonus allowed with those contracts.

As far as the Steelers overall salary cap number goes, both players will use up an additional $215,000 in cap space at the most after displacement in the top 51 takes place. It could be less depending on the amount each received as a signing bonus.

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