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Mitchell Excited About Opportunity To Play Alongside Polamalu

During his first five years in the league, new Pittsburgh Steelers safety Mike Mitchell hasn’t really had a teammate in the secondarys that he’s played in that could really mentor him and teach him from past experiences. Now that he’s in the Steel City, that has changed as he will at least get to play one season with Troy Polamalu and maybe even two or three.

“It’s going to be a great honor and learning experience,” Mitchell said about now having the opportunity to play with Polamalu. “Being a young guy out in Oakland I didn’t have an older player to learn from. Everything I have picked up has been on my own. I think learning from arguably the best player ever to play my position it’s only going to be good things from this experience. He is a great football player. I look forward to seeing how he works, practices and studies.

“I don’t know if I am going to be jumping over the line of scrimmage to make those types of crazy plays, but hopefully there are some things I can pick up from him that will one day make me a great player.”

Nobody expects Mitchell to do some of things that Polamalu does. What is expected, however, is that he works as hard as his new veteran leaping counterpart.

Mitchell considers himself a player that loves to study film and has a high football IQ. He comes of as very humble and should fit right in as a replacement for Ryan Clark. Along the way, he can help mentor Shamarko Thomas.

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