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Polamalu: “When Tom (Brady) Is On Fire It Doesn’t Really Matter Who’s Out There”

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers 55-31 loss Sunday to the New England Patriots, you can bet that there will be several notable player quotes that surface and safety Troy Polamalu has already weighed in with a few of his own.

After giving up a franchise record 610 yards of offense, Polamalu was asked if he knew how to fix the problems on defense.

“I don’t know. We’ll see if we can,” Polamalu said, according to Scott Brown of

In the game, Patriots tight end Rob Gradkowski scorched the Steelers defense with nine catches for 143 yards and a touchdown and Polamalu was asked about the inability to cover him in the game.

“To be honest, when Tom (Brady) is on fire it doesn’t really matter who’s out there,” Polamalu said, according to Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio.

I know Polamalu is probably frustrated right now, but that certainly isn’t the response that anyone wants to hear after a game like that. Tom Brady is indeed still one of the best quarterbacks in the league, but to say it doesn’t matter who is out there is a bit over the top.

The Steelers season is pretty much over with half of it still remaining and looks like this locker room might be on the verge of exploding soon.

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