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Ahmad Bradshaw Might Need Neck Surgery

During the offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers brought then-free agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw in for a visit, but chose not to sign him. Judging by my Twitter account at the time, that decision did not set well with several fans. Bradshaw ultimately signed with the Indianapolis Colts, but with only 41 carries to his credit in the first three games of the 2013 season, the veteran running back might need season-ending neck surgery.

Bradshaw has had his share of injuries over the years and that was the main reason I thought all along the Steelers would not sign him. Being as he is a vested veteran, the Steelers would have had to fully guarantee his 2013 salary had he made their week one roster. While there was enough interest for them to kick his tires, they probably knew the injury risk with him far outweighed the potential reward.

The Steelers decision to sign running back LaRod Stephens-Howling instead of Bradshaw, however, didn’t play out as planned as the Pittsburgh product tore up his knee in the season opener against the Tennessee Titans.

It’s all spilled milk at this point, but I couldn’t even begin to imagine how much more criticism the Steelers front office would be taking right now had they signed an injury plagued running back such as Bradshaw only to lose him after three games to yet another injury.

I hope that Bradshaw is able to avoid surgery and get back on the field again, but you have to think at this point that he might very well be done for good. Thankfully the Steelers realized that several months ago.

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