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Steelers Average Ticket Price Just Below League Average

According to research performed by, the average ticket price for a Pittsburgh Steelers game is just below the league wide average.

Surprisingly, the average ticket price for a Steelers game is $81.13 which is 41¢ less than the league average. When you consider what a big draw the Steelers are and that Heinz Field has one of the lowest seating capacities in the league, I would say that the organization has done a good job of keeping ticket prices in line.

The New England Patriots lead the league in average ticket price ($117.84) and are followed by the New York Giants ($111.69) and the New York Jets ($110.28).

Not surprisingly, the Cleveland Browns have the lowest average ticket price ($54.20) in the league. That’s the result of five straight losing seasons, which will turn into six in 2013.

It would be interesting to know what it cost to park for each of the 32 teams and then add the two together.

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