Injury Report

Report: Steelers WR Plaxico Burress Carted Off Thursday With Arm Injury

According to several media reports, veteran wide receiver Plaxico Burress was carted off the practice field Thursday with an injured shoulder or elbow.

Jim Wexell of Steel City Insider reports that Burress went up for a ball against cornerback Ryan Steed and safety DaMon Cromartie-Smith and fell on his arm after being out jumped.

Head coach Mike Tomlin is not expected to meet the media following practice, so it might be a while until we get an update on the seriousness of the injury.

Should Burress\’ injury wind up being serious, rookie wide receiver Justin Brown, one of two players drafted by by the Steelers in the sixth-round of the 2013 NFL Draft, would probably be considred the next man up to be the fifth wide receiver.

ETA: According to Dale Lolley of the Washington Observer on Twitter, Burress currently has his right arm in a sling

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