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Charlie Batch Hints That Ben Roethlisberger Wasn\’t Allowed To Audiblize Last Season

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch let it be known recently that offensive coordinator Todd Haley wouldn\’t allow quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to audiblize out of plays at the line of scrimmage last season.

“By not being allowed that flexibility, like Bruce Arians allowed him to have to change at the line of scrimmage to a pass, that frustrated him a little bit,” Batch told Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Roethlisberger, as expected, showed his frustration with the new offense several times last year with a few well placed jabs when talking to the media. Following the overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Roethlisberger hinted about not being able to check out of the play that resulted in a wacky touchdown to tight end Heath Miller.

“The play that got called, but they went to a prevent defense so the play that got called wasn\’t a good play. At all and so we just started making a play,” Roethlisberger said following that game.

While Roethlisberger might not have been able to audiblize last season, he was able to call plays during the limited use of the no-huddle. He talked about using self control in not abandoning the run while doing so as early as the season opener against the Denver Broncos.

“I think people need to realize that just because we\’re in the no-huddle and we\’re calling the plays doesn\’t mean I\’m calling all passes,” Roethlisberger said following the loss.

Now that they have worked together for a full season, Roethlisberger and Haley certainly have more trust in one another and the offense. I expect the Steelers quarterback will have a little more free reign this year as far as calls at the line of scrimmage as the two are accommodating each other in more ways than one since last season.

“I think it was big of Todd to say, ‘OK, let\’s change it to things you are more comfortable with,\’” Roethlisberger said. “Not everything went to a change, but it was nice we all got together and sat down and said, ‘What makes sense to you, what makes sense to you?\’”

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