2013 Salary Cap

Steelers NT Steve McLendon Official Contract Numbers

An agent friend has passed along the contract numbers of the three-year, $7.25 million contract signed Thursday by Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon and they are a little different from my original guess.

McLendon\’s base salaries for all three years are as follows: 2013 $900,000, 2014 $2,425,000 2015 $2,250,000. The salary cap charges for McLendon in all three years are set to be 2013 $1,458,333, 2014 2,983,333, 2015 2,808,334.

McLendon was previously scheduled to count $1.323 million against the 2013 cap under because of his restricted tender, and his new contract only increases that amount by $135,333.

Now that the contract has been filed with the NFLPA, the Steelers currently have $607,427.00 in available cap space at their disposal.

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