Ryan Clark Says Steelers Are Fractured & Not As Close-knit As He Thought

Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark made an appearance Monday morning on NFL AM to talk about the comments made recently from an unnamed teammate concerning the conditioning last season of linebacker LaMarr Woodley.

“My biggest problem with that is not LaMarr, or is not someone\’s feelings about LaMarr,” Clark said. “My problem is now it\’s public. We were talking about the Ravens earlier, we were talking about the brotherhood, we were talking about the family that they were. We all have arguments with our brothers, sisters, cousins, but that stays in-house. What you talk about then stays there and it doesn\’t get out to the public. So that is the problem. …

“That shows that this team that is normally close, you had the Joey Porters, the Alan Fanecas, just down the line, leader after leader, this team was close-knit. It shows there is a fracture in that. I think that is the most disappointing thing about that coming out.”

The unnamed teammate said that Woodley was awful and not in shape last season, according to a Sunday report by Ron Cook in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Now that a leak has come out of a normally tight lipped locker-room you knew that it wouldn\’t be long until Clark weighed in on it.

Clark responded just as you would have expected that he would and I agree that things such as that should be kept behind closed doors. It indeed shows a void of unity and lack of leadership.

The fan base already knows that Woodley hasn\’t been the same since he injured his hamstring during the middle part of the 2011 season so we don\’t need a player coming forward, especially one not willing to attach his name to the comments, to tell us that.

Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert will be at the NFL combine later this week and it will be interesting to see if he is asked by the media to comment not only on Woodley, but the unnamed player that cracked him.

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