Mike Wallace Prepares For Free Agency By Purchasing Either A New Watch Or A New Car?

Soon-to-be former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace is pretty confident that he will be getting paid this offseason. How confident? The Mississippi product took to Twitter on Friday to say that he has recently purchased himself a Phantom. That\’s right, he either bought himself a Rolls-Royce or a fancy watch. Wallace added in his tweet that he has always wanted one.

If the Steelers former third-round draft pick is talking about a car, I highly doubt he bought a scaled down Hot Wheels version. Phantoms go around $400K. If he bought himself a new watch, he likely spent much less than $400K.

Wallace figures to be one of a handful of top wide receiver unrestricted free agents to hit the market in a few more weeks and the early word is that the Miami Dolphins will be a team looking to sign him.

“I think this is the year that you\’ve got to do something,” Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said this past week via Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun Sentinel. “We\’re looking for playmakers on offense.”

Kelly added in his piece that he predicts Wallace could wind up getting in the range of $60 million from Dolphins, who have nearly $45 million in salary cap space at their disposal.

While in Pittsburgh, Wallace, Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders once referred to themselves as the “Bugatti Boys”. As of Friday it appears that Wallace just might have traded in that sleek sports car moniker for a more classier one. If indeed he did, does this now make him a “Rolls Boy” or a “Phantom Boy”? If it was a watch, well, at least he will know exactly what time that free agency starts.

I\’m guessing he bought a watch. See how things on the internet can easily be blown out of proportion without knowing all of the facts? Good luck, Mike and happy Friday, everyone.

ETA: As a follower on Twitter points out, Wallace could just be quoting song lyrics as well.

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