Personal Downtime Planned On Wednesday – Shock Me

I just wanted to give everyone a little notice that I may or may not be around much on Wednesday and perhaps even Thursday as I am scheduled to have my first session of electroconvulsive therapy early in the morning. I have been waiting to be cleared for this for quite a while now and can\’t tell you how excited I am to finally get the sessions underway.

Many of you know that I suffer from bipolar mania and a byproduct of that is severe insomnia. I also suffer from OCD as well. Yes, I am the strange person that has to turn things on and off a certain amount of times and open and close doors excessively.

To be honest, I enjoy these conditions and have learned to live with them over the course of several years now, but it is now time to see if they can be fixed. Ok, my wife says it is time to see if they can be fixed. Ha!

There will be another free agency profile post up in the morning and my automated feeds in my Twitter account will remain live as well. Assuming I don\’t have any complications, I hope to be back in front of the computer by dinner time as the procedure is outpatient. If not, I hope to be back going by Thursday.

To add some value to this post I am including one of my favorite songs by KISS which fits appropriately.

Thank you as always for your continued support and be well.


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