Rashard Mendenhall Reminds Us In His Latest Post To Keep An Open Mind

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall is probably best known off of the playing field for his remarks that he made on Twitter following the killing of Osama Bin Laden in May of 2011. Those comments were met with both applause and criticism and ultimately resulted in him losing his endorsement deal with Champion.

Since that time Mendenhall has kept a very low profile on the social media giant as he has been very busy rehabbing from the torn ACL that suffered in the regular season finale last year against the Cleveland Browns.

With the Steelers coming off of their bye week, it looks likely that Mendenhall will make his season debut this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. In addition to his potential return to the football field, the running back has also made a return to the internet as he penned an article that was posted Tuesday evening on The Huffington Post.

In the article Mendenhall writes about having an open mind to the way other people think and how he believes that we all live in a very self-focused, self-promotional and narcissistic culture. Well, he certainly is right with that assessment.

Mendenhall is certainly a thinker and will never be accused otherwise. You do have to wonder if this piece somehow ties into his Twitter thoughts from last May, meaning that everyone should keep an open mind to what happened on 9/11.

To refresh your memory, Mendenhall took to Twitter and expressed sympathy for bin Laden as his death was being celebrated following his killing. At the same time he also questioned whether the planes that hit the World Trade Center on 9/11 caused the collapse of the twin towers.

This Tuesday post by Mendenhall will certainly grow legs over the next several hours and be interpreted several different ways moving forward. While I admire him having an open mind, the thing that most Steelers fans care most about moving forward is him having a mind to run through open holes on Sunday.

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