Hard Work By Ziggy Hood Pays Off With Sack Against Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons certainly had a great game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday and I thought the defensive line, particularly defensive end Ziggy Hood, had a better showing in the game as well.

To illustrate how the hard work of Hood resulted in him getting a sack in the game, we need not look any further than the Eagles opening offensive possession and it is highlighted in the animated gif below.

On 2nd and 10 from the Steelers 43 yard-line, the Steelers run a Will-Lion game on the outside with linebackers LaMarr Woodley and Lawrence Timmons. The Eagles offensive line had shifted their protection to their left, because they thought that linebacker James Harrison was also coming wide on the play. Harrison drops into coverage instead and defensive end Brett Keisel also drops as well.

The result of the illusion of coming pressure leaves four offensive linemen and a tight end left to block nose tackle Steve McLendon and Hood, while Woodley takes the right tackle up the field so that Timmons has a free run on the back end of the game stunt.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is able to duck the free running Timmons, but the hard work of Hood, who is mirroring Vick while being bounced around by three of the Eagles linemen, results in him being in right position to coral Vick for the sack.

Hood finished the game with 4 tackles and 3 stops. It was easily his best performance of the season thus far.

Animated Gif Ziggy Hood Sack Eagles

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