Warren Sapp Plays Roethlisberger & Doesn\’t Know Who The Steelers 3rd Wide Receiver Is

You know I always like to keep close tabs on NFL Network analyst, and known Steeler hater, Warren Sapp, whenever he talks about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Sapp constantly shows how unprepared he is when talking about the black and gold, and Sunday morning he continued down that path in a skit that featured him pretending to be Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger addressing his team after their 1-2 start.

While the message that Sapp sends about holding onto the football was a good one, it is hard to get past him calling wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders, Emmanuel Stewart. Come on, man.

Below is what Sapp had to say as he pretended to be Roethlisberger, and I also included an animated gif of him wearing a Steelers helmet, a vision that will be tough to get out of my head the rest of the day.

“I don\’t want to talk to Steeler Nation, because you\’ve been forged in steel since we were in Three Rivers Stadium. That\’s right, I want to talk to my skill guys, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Stewart, Mike Wallace and my running backs and tights ends. Fellas, its about ball security. We can\’t have the ball, or as Sapp likes to say, \’The church\’s money\’, on the ground on Sunday. When I put it in your hand, you secure it and we go up and down the field. It doesn\’t matter what signals I use. Don\’t worry about it Todd Haley, I\’ll go back to whatever I need to do to get the boys on the right page, but when I put the ball in your hands, go up and down the field and score touchdowns and secure the ball. Because without ball security, we as Pittsburgh Steelers are going nowhere. So fellas, let\’s get it going.”

Warren Sapp Wearing Steelers helmet

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