Report: Team Official Says In Regard To Mike Wallace, \”We\’ll Try Again Next Year\”

The Pittsburgh Steelers have landed in Denver and Mike Prisuta of DVE Radio reports via Twitter that no contract extensions are anticipated pre-kickoff. Unless you have been hiding underneath a rock, you know that is regarding wide receiver Mike Wallace.

Prisuta reports in his tweet that one team official said, “We\’ll try again next year.”

Now it is hard to read between the lines of that short quote as to whether or not it means that the team will franchise Wallace after the season, but being as the receiver would be an unrestricted free agent, it is really the only way that you could read that. Wallace will most certainly test the free agent market if the Steelers do not franchise him.

It would help to know how high up the team official is that Prisuta is quoting, but we will likely never get that answer. The Steelers could indeed franchise him next year and I have shown how that is a possibility. We shall see.

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