Mike Tomlin Post Game Press Conference Versus Colts – Preseason Game 2

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Indianapolis Colts 26-24 Sunday night at Heinz Field in their second preseason game of the year and head coach Mike Tomlin met the media afterwards for his post game press conference to discuss the game.

Tomlin said after the game that there is still a lot that needs to be corrected and that is part of August football. He noted that he thought the defensive turnovers were big as was the punt block by Mortty Ivy. Tomlin noted that he did not like what he saw in the return game Sunday night and called it below the line.

Offensively Tomlin said that he liked what he saw overall, but that obviously he would like to score more touchdowns than field goals.

As far as injuries go, Tomlin said they got out of the game relatively clean, but he was not asked by the media about linebacker Stevenson Sylvester, who missed the game with a torn MCL. That news broke just prior to the game starting.

Below is the audio from the press conference:

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