Steelers Sign LB Lawrence Timmons To New 6 Year $50 Million Contract

Just weeks after signing outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley to an extension, the Steelers announced today that they have signed linebacker Lawrence Timmons to a new 6 year – $50 million deal. The new Timmons deal is just a hair under the deal the 49ers gave inside linebacker Patrick Willis. Willis signed a 7 year – $53.51 million deal last year.

Timmons led the Steelers in tackles in 2010 with a 135. He also had three sacks, two interceptions, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. The move to extend Timmons now means that safety Troy Polamalu will likely play out his final year under contract and receive the franchise tag next offseason prior to being extended. Polamalu has made it known that he wants to retire a Steeler.

ETA: Ed Bouchette reports the Timmons deal includes $18 million in bonuses. If indeed the final year of his rookie contract was ripped up, my best guess would be $13 million guaranteed and that includes a $10 million signing bonus. If that is the structure then the deal could include a 2012 roster bonus of $5 million. The Woodley deal was structured with a $5.5 million 2012 roster bonus so it stands to figure that Timmons was structured close to that. If indeed all of the above is true, Timmons would carry a $4.67 2011 cap hit. Please remember that this is just a guess based on how other contracts have been structured. These numbers are in no way to be considered fact, just a guess. The official numbers will not come out for a few days.

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