Ryan Clarks Says CBA Might Not Be Ratified By Thursday Evening

The Steelers players rep Ryan Clark told reporters this morning that the new CBA official ratification from the players remains up in the air right now. Clark said this morning that the owners are not bargaining in good faith and the players might not ratify the new labor deal until sometime next week. If indeed this were to happen, it would mean that the recently re-signed Steelers players would still not be allowed to practice until the agreement is ratified by the players.

Clark pointed the blame at commissioner Roger Goodell for the delay and it seems to revolve around the power Goodell has to discipline players. Clark added that he doesn\’t think the owners will let it affect preseason games, but personally he\’s not sure he wants to play with a group of untested players. Clark called Goodell the most “infamous” commissioner in pro sports during his interview.

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