Report: Steelers Will Not Suspend James Harrison

ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols is reporting via Twitter that she talked to Steelers president Art Rooney II today about linebacker James Harrison and that Rooney said that any disciplinary action the team takes will be handled internally and it will not result in any suspensions or disruption of Harrison\’s on-field activities.

Rooney told Nichols that he has talked to Harrison already about the comments he made that recently appeared in the August issue of Men\’s Journal. Harrison has since issued an apology type statement to clarify the remarks he made in the interview and many of his teammates have come to his defense since in showing their support for Harrison.

Based on the comments made by the league last week, it also appears that Harrison will not face any discipline from the league as well, so it appears that Harrison might be in the clear now, as he should be. Good news indeed and it appears that the Steelers are close to putting this distraction behind them pretty quickly.

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