Steelers Six From Around The Web – Monday March 21st – New Car On Hold For Willie Colon Edition

Willie Colon was quoted in an article about players who are watching their spending while they are locked out. Colon had plans of purchasing a new car for himself and one for his brother, but has put off those purchases until the labor situation is resolved.

Steelers Director of Football Operations Kevin Colbert chatted with reporters down at the owners meeting in New Orleans and Scott Brown has the Q & A.

Desmond Brown, the brother of Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, concluded his first week as a University of Pittsburgh walk-on Saturday. He is currently backing up starter Ray Graham, who is the only scholarship running back on the team according to Jerry DiPaola. Senior Writer Clark Judge has chimed in on his thought on the Steelers as they steam towards draft day. Nothing really earth shattering in this vanilla article. I have my first round draft targets up here as of last night by request from readers.

Former Houston Oiler wide receiver Drew Hill died at an Atlanta hospital late Friday after suffering two massive strokes. Hill was part of that Oilers “Run and Shoot” offense of the 1980\’s and registered 51 catches for 814 yards against the Steelers during his Oilers career. He also had 6 touchdowns and averaged nearly 16 yards a catch.

A couple of Cincinnati Bengals season ticket holders, who happen to be brothers, recently sent an invoice to the Brown Family asking for money back they have spent on the team over the years. This invoice is itemized and includes money spent on paper bags, Pepto Bismol and Excedrin. Love those Bungles!

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