2010 Playoffs

Lawrence Timmons Super Bowl XLV Media Day Interview Transcript



(on who he watched when he was growing up) “It switches up. It depends on who is playing. Definitely Shannon Sharpe I used to love him growing up because I wanted to play tight end. I played tight end in high school and I actually had 82 in high school so he’s definitely one of my favorite players.”

(on which linebackers he wanted to play like growing up) “Derrick Brooks because in college I played outside linebacker. He was a Florida State guy, a Super Bowl MVP, and a defensive MVP. Coming from the area and the things he did I wanted to be like him.”

(on who he thinks is playing at a high level for the Green Bay Packers offense) “(Greg) Jennings, the receiver he’s definitely playing at a high level and has been pretty much unstoppable in the postseason. He’s just having a good year.”

(on what Greg Jennings does well) “He’s a great route runner. I know last time we played Pittsburgh last year I was on him man-to-man and he burned me for probably 60 or 70 yards. He definitely is an unbelievable athlete.”

(on why he was covering a wide out) “I always come out on third down and I try to match up on wide receivers. Most of the time I get it done but that one time it didn’t happen.”

(on if he has a special bond with LaMarr Woodley) “We always hang out a lot off the field. Me and him are pretty close, I pretty much talk every day besides being at the facilities where we work out. We came in together, we were one and two picks I guess that is the thing that drives us close. We want to make Mike T. (Tomlin) look good because we obviously were his first boys so he looks up to us from that point of view. We don’t want to disappoint him and that’s why I guess we cling to each other so much.”

(on if they will stay in a 3-4 defense or play a Tampa 2 defense) “I’m pretty sure we’ll stay 3-4.”

(on if he expected Pittsburgh to play a 3-4 defense as a rookie) “Not at all, because the 3-4 scheme had been working so well in Pittsburgh why would you change something like that?”

(on how LaMarr Woodley plays well in the playoffs) “He’s huge, you look at the last two games we played he had been a big factor in us winning.”

(on LaMarr Woodley in the Arizona game) “The last play of the game he sacked Kurt Warner and that was huge.”

(on Larry Foote) “Larry is another player that’s good to me off the field. We spend a lot of time together. We just went bowling the last week. We’re just a team that always does things together, that’s what I think that makes us such a great team.”

(on if it was a boost to have Larry Foote and Bryant McFadden come back this year) “It is because they were on that championship team. I feel like we kind of needed them last year but they are here this year. You obviously see the type of faith they have in our team.”

(on why he has had such a great year) “Just repetition. In this game the more reps you do the better you get out of it I think. There’s more reacting and thinking this year and that’s a big difference. I’m just comfortable in the defense, now I’m having fun.”

(on the year) “It’s been a good year and we had a pretty exciting post season so far. Just to be on the stage is great. I’m just so happy to be here.

(on what it means to be a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers defense) “It’s huge with (Dick) LeBeau being our coordinator. With him being a hall of fame player, just to play for him is awesome. I feel like on the defense we’re surrounded by all-stars and when you have a team like that, it’s so much fun to be around and come to work and play with these guys.”

(on Head Coach Mike Tomlin) “Mike Tomlin’s a great guy, he’s a great motivator for me. I was one of his first guys, so I definitely, came to be very close to him. I do a lot of stuff in the offseason with him, just hanging out and I enjoy it.”

(on how excited he is for Sunday) “I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy Media Day and all this good stuff, but I do want to get to the game and get to practice because I’m ready for this game. I’ve never really been in a game like this where I started, so I’m very excited.”

(on his season) “I think I had a pretty good year. I feel like I should have had more sacks, but as far as stopping the run and playing in coverage I think I did very well. I do think I could do better.”

(on being drafted as an outside linebacker) “That is correct. I still play both it’s just if LaMarr (Woodley) or James (Harrison) goes down that I fill in. I also start at inside, so I can play both of those positions still.”

(on the differences between outside and inside linebacker in Dick LeBeau’s scheme) “It’s really not much it’s just one you’re on the line and the other you’re playing five yards back, but I can play either or no problem.”

(on how far along he is in his development) “I feel like I can still get better. I’m definitely not satisfied with my play I feel like I could be one of the best inside linebackers in the league. That’s what I strive to do and I just want to help the defense out. I want to be an anchor on the defense.”

(on Green Bay) “They’re an established franchise just like we are. We’re both winning teams, so we have respect for each other. Obviously you have to respect Green Bay because they were a sixth seed and now they’re in the Super Bowl. They played three or four playoff games to get here so that’s pretty intense. My hat’s off to them.”

(on if Green Bay is going to run the ball) “I’m pretty sure. The guy that starts he’s a pretty big runner. He runs through arm tackles, he’s going to be hard to stop and they have a great fullback. This team is two dimensional. You don’t really know how to stop them and that’s going to be tough for us.”

(on Cowboys Stadium) “It’s great. You see this big jumbotron and it’s ridiculous. I think it goes from the 20 to the 20. I’ve never seen anything like that before and this is truly a beautiful place. To play in a setting and stadium like this I just love it.”

(on if having been to the Super Bowl before helps his experience this year) “I think it’s a big advantage because you have guys that it’s their third Super Bowl that they’re going to. When you have guys like that in the locker room, they help everybody go to practice, go to Media Day and all the things you experience during Super Bowl week. That just helps you out so much.”

(on what it would mean to him to win a second Super Bowl) “It would be huge because I am starting this time. Last time I was pretty much in on third down. I feel like I’m a big part of the defense this year and just to be starting like this is huge for me.”

(on if their defense gets better every week) “I think we’re really gelling together right now. Everybody’s doing their job and nobody is trying to do too much. I think that’s a big plus for us.”

(on the importance of getting a pass rush on Green Bay) “It’s going to be very big. We’ll have to get back there at Aaron Rogers and put some pressure on him, because you can’t let him sit around in the pocket and nickel and dime us all day.”

(on how special it is to be back to the Super Bowl) “It’s very special because we went through a lot this season with Ben (Roethlisberger) and all the stuff. Just for Ben to have the season he’s had and bring us here it kind of brings irony to all of this. It’s great to be here on this level. I’m very excited about this.”

(on when the Steelers realized they were a Super Bowl caliber team) “Every year we know that if we’re in the playoffs we know we can go to the Super Bowl. That’s the attitude we have as the Pittsburgh Steelers.”

(on having more Super Bowl experience than the Packers) “I think it’s a big positive for preparation. When you have a lot of guys who have already been to two Super Bowls, they can help young guys know how to prepare, know how you should go about practicing, what you should do when you’re not on the field. Little things like that are big.”

(on what got him interested in bowling) “My family. We do a lot of things together and one of those things is that we go bowling all the time like after church in the summer or on a Friday or something when nobody has anything to do. We’ll go bowling because the bowling alley we go to is not far from my house. It’s just something that we do that is fun as a family.”

(on his high game in bowling) “My high game is 279.”

(on how often he goes bowling) “I actually just went bowling last week but I didn’t do too well. The highest I got was 192. It was with Larry Foote, Dennis Dixon, Crezdon Butler and Antwaan Randle El.”

(on if he bowls because of the competition) “Yes, a lot of the guys do. We have pool in the locker room and ping pong, and we do challenge each other. When we win, we talk a lot of trash, so any time you lose you’re looking for revenge. It’s fun though.”

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