2010 Playoffs

Jonathan Scott Super Bowl XLV Media Day Interview Transcript



(on how excited he is for the game) “Real excited. It’s the Super Bowl. If you can’t get excited for something like this, you’re probably not a football player.”

(on his biggest challenge going into the game) “Just being able to suck it all in, but at the same time block it all out.”

(on the challenges that the Packers’ defense presents) “They’ve got an interesting mixture of blitzes in third-and-long situations. If we do well on first and second down, we can definitely eliminate that problem.”

(on Cowboys Stadium) “It’s ridiculous. Wow. That’s all I can say. It’s serious. It’s the real deal.”

(on Offensive Line Coach Sean Kugler aiding him in his success) “He’s definitely given me a lot of knowledge when it comes to knowing the game and understanding the whole concept of recognition. That’s a key element of a football player.”

(on what has stuck out about this year and the opportunity to play) “The experience of being around guys who want to win, know how to win, and show how you go out and go about winning. It has definitely helped me as a player.”

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