2010 Playoffs

Doug Legursky Super Bowl XLV Media Day Interview Transcript



(on if he wants to get extra work on any snapping) “It is just getting the reps with somebody. You get limited reps when you are not the starter. Now possibly getting a lot of reps due to Pouncey (injury), it’s just getting more comfortable with him (Ben Roethlisberger), it just takes time. We have been at it all week and there haven’t been any issues.”

(on how he balanced his time between center and guard as a backup) “We got a couple reps at each throughout the team periods, just subbing guys in and out. First to give guys a blow and second to keep me fresh on a few things. It is mostly just film work that I have to work on. That is when you have to put your extra work in. It is going to be nice, if I do play this game, going in there with a bunch of reps under my belt, practice reps.”

(on the difference between center and guard) “Being the center you have to let everybody know what’s going on. You are really the brains of the offensive line to tell everybody what is going on. Let Ben (Roethlisberger) know who the mike is and be on the same page with him, so he can be on the same page with the wide receivers. You have to be on the same page with the guy beside you. And it is just all about communication.”

(on if he is comfortable with that role) “Absolutely, I have been comfortable since day one with that. I kind of pride myself on being a student of the game. I really try to study hard and study what defenses do, what they do well and what they don’t do well. What I can expect from them just by their alignments alone. I really take that part of the game seriously.”

(on how difficult is making calls against the Packers defense, with all their movement) “They do a couple of things that are a little funky, but from some of the games that we’ve played especially the last couple weeks – like the Jets, who stay and mix their looks. Also having multiple games with the Ravens really got us prepared for anything that they could possibly show us. If you can ID the Jets and you can ID the Ravens, then you can definitely ID the Packers.”

(on his film work and what he sees of B.J. Raji) “I do extensive film work. I really pride myself on knowing the game playing inside and out. B.J. is a player. He has shown that through the playoffs and he’s a big guy with quick moves that can make plays. We are going to be ready.”

(on if they will double team Raji) “We are not game planning him any different than we would any other team, so it’s my battle if my number is called, and I’ll be ready.”

(on his necklace (with a bullet on it) and its meaning) “I have a friend that was in the Special Forces for years, and he sent it over when he was in one of his tours. I have just been wearing it ever since to support those guys.”

(on his thoughts on possibly starting) “If I have the chance, and Pouncey is going to be out for the game, then I’m excited about the opportunity to show that I can take the reins of the offensive line and hopefully lead these guys to a win.”

(on his calm demeanor) “I am looking at it as once that ball in snapped, it’s just another football game. All this stuff leading up to it is just something you have to do, and you know I enjoy talking to you guys, but when the ball is snapped that’s when the real show begins.”

(on stepping in during the Jets game) “Whenever somebody goes down the next person that steps up, there can’t be any drop off. That is something that Coach Tomlin preaches all the time and being in the backup position especially in multiple roles you have to be ready at any time to go in and not miss a beat. I felt like I did that against the Jets and hopefully I will continue to do that.”

(on the line the standard is the standard from Coach Tomlin) “Yeah, I’ve bought into it. I think more than anything it means somebody goes down and somebody steps in there, there can’t be any falloff in play. You have to deliver just as much as the guy in front of you. I think if we can do that we can get a win.”

(on his teammates trust in him) “I think it’s just trying to be a student of the game. I really enjoy trying to figure the game of football, trying to figure out what defenses are going to do.”

(on facing a 3-4 defense and Casey Hampton in practice) “Their (Green Bay’s) defense is just like ours pretty much, especially when they go into their nickel stuff, but in their regular as well. Yeah, Hampton is a very similar player to him (Raji) – size, low base, speed guy has some quicks to him. So it has been good practice.

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