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Byron Leftwich Press Conference Transcript Wednesday Super Bowl XLV

Byron Leftwich Press Conference Transcript Wednesday February 2nd Super Bowl XLV



(on if he would like to get in the game for one play) “I dream of it. There are two ways for me to get in. You don’t wish anything bad on Ben. All I could do is just prepare as if I have to go in and play. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll be very excited. I remember last time I probably could have thrown a ball 100 yards during pregame. I probably could have killed somebody with a football that day. That’s what the Super Bowl does to you. You just have to remember to be ready when your name is called.”

(on if he is able to tone himself down before games) “At the position you have to do that. If you look at the position, you never really see too many quarterbacks jumping up and down. It affects the way you throw the ball. It’s too much thinking to have all that excitement. You have your opportunity during pregame to feel good and all those different things. Having been here before, I have an understanding as a quarterback of what you have to do. You want to give yourself the best chance to play well if you have to play. I will do those things.”

(on how he feels about the organization as a whole) “I’ve had more conversations with Mr. Rooney than any other owner. That just goes to show you what type of people they are. You have an understanding of what is being said. Like I’ve said, this is the best organization in sports. Not to disrespect any other organization, but this is the best organization in sports. They do everything right. People see those six championships and wonder how they do it. The environment that they put you in allows you to be successful. There is a reason it seems like they are always in these games.”

(on his importance to the team) “For one, I don’t view myself as a backup. Coach Tomlin doesn’t allow anyone on this team to view themselves as a backup. I prepare myself as a starter week in and week out. That way if my number is called, I have an opportunity to go out there and be successful. You understand that at the quarterback position only one guy can play it at a time. I try to prepare myself that if I my number is called I can help this team win football games. I prepare myself the same as when I was called a franchise quarterback in the past. I do the same things now that I was doing then.”

(on what Coach Tomlin has expressed to him during the week) “I’ve been here before. I kind of understand what to expect at this point. I kind of prepare more this time around. You learn what you can and cannot do. I’m truly prepared for this week. The game is going to be the game. The game is going to be played on Sunday.”

(on which team he thinks can handle the week better) “That’s really tough to say because football has to be played. We are playing a football game. You really determine who has a better week. I think we might have an advantage of that. I’m a smart enough football player to understand that. When the kickoff goes, it’s going to come down to better prepared team and the team who makes the least mistakes. That’s who is going win the football game.”

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