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Antonio Brown Press Conference Transcript Wednesday Super Bowl XLV

Antonio Brown Press Conference Transcript Wednesday February 2nd Super Bowl XLV



(on how the veteran wide receivers have helped him develop) “These guys are great leaders and great older guys to learn from. They have been in this game for so long and they have young guys like me. They have gone through some of the things I may be facing. They have already overcome and they just have me apply it to my journey.”

(on if he had any issues adjusting to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger) “He is a MAC (Mid-American Conference) quarterback. He\’s really great. He can improvise with his feet. His feet don\’t die easily. When things break down he is able to do a great job by giving receivers time to get open. He\’s just a great quarterback to play with. I\’m from the MAC too and I played with a guy named Dan LeFevour who did the little things similar to him.”

(on if the quarterback scramble drill is practiced in Pittsburgh) “Definitely. Ben [Roethlisberger] does a great job improvising with his feet and we work and talk about scramble drill every day, and if things break down you got to know where you are on the field to get into his vision.”

(on Roethlisberger\’s ability to extend plays) “Your play is never over with Ben. He\’s real creative and a great quarterback. You got to stay in it and follow him because he\’s not going down easy.”

(on if he has spoken to Packers\’ cornerback Josh Gordy and linebacker Frank Zombo this week) “A couple of text messages, those guys are really excited and happy for us. I won a championship last year at this time with these guys and won a bowl game with them. Now, we\’re playing in the biggest bowl on Earth.”

(on if he thought they would all be playing in the Super Bowl) “No, I just think God had special plans for us and no one could\’ve predicted.”

(on if he is surprised to see Zombo in the NFL) “Frank is a really talented guy. Coming out of Central Michigan he just wasn\’t presented an opportunity. When it was presented, he took advantage of it. He\’s always been a great player. I think he\’ll continue to get better every year.”

(on if Zombo and Gordy have tried to gain insight on the Steelers\’ game plan) “No, they are just happy with the position we\’re in. They understand it\’s a business and it\’s our job and it\’s our livelihood. They just congratulated me and were just happy that we\’re at this point and experience in our lives.”

(on if he has seen Zombo or Gordy this week) “No, I haven\’t seen them but I look forward to seeing them later in the week.”

(on wide receiver Hines Ward)(He’s) a tough guy, a guy who sets the tempo in ball games. A guy who is aggressive. A guy who is just a model citizen in this league.”

(on emulating Ward) “He\’s a guy who\’s been doing it over a long period of time and a guy who I just continue to emulate and look at how he goes about his business and do things the way he does it.”

(on preparing to enter the NFL as a rookie) “Numerous hours of work to perfect your craft, watching film. Just doing all of the little things, studying your playbook. Just make sure you are overly prepared and you\’re ready for any circumstance and situation.”

(on family in attendance) “Definitely. I have a lot of family here this week.”

(on making two important in catches in the playoffs) “I always knew I was capable. I try to prepare my mind for every phase of the game. Take my mind through every circumstance and every situation that I could be a part of. I am thankful for the opportunity that came just in time.”

(on staying patient) “You got to be patient. Patience builds perseverance. It builds humility and it teaches a lot. I had to go through that. It\’s not the first time. I\’m pretty sure other rookies who come into this league will experience it. It taught me a lot of valuable lessons about life.”

(on getting advice from his dad) “Not really, I just try to talk to God. I\’m really spiritual and I try to look within myself and make my connection with God and let him lead me. My dad is really cool, but the relationship is not where it should be at. I call him every night to check in, but my situation is different from his. I just think God has a perspective for me and him. I just got to stay on my journey.”

(on if he followed his dad\’s career) “Being a pro athlete, coming from college to look back and see the things that he did, my dad was a great athlete. He did some great things in the Arena League. He was voted the number one player in AFL history.”

(on having more Central Michigan players than Michigan players in the Super Bowl) “I told LaMarr (Woodley) we won the Michigan MAC trophy in 2009. We beat Michigan State. We beat every team in Michigan except Michigan. I always give him a little hell about that.”

(on who is the biggest talker among the Central Michigan players) “We\’re not really talkative. We\’re just straight-nosed, hard working guys who have been underrated. We just want to continue to work, strive and reach perfection.”

(on playing Packers\’ cornerback Charles Woodson) “I\’m just embracing it. I\’m thankful for the opportunity and thankful to go against him. I want to measure myself to the best. If you want to be the best, you want to measure yourself against great opponents.”

(on Woodson\’s qualities) “He does a great job of getting guys on the ground. He\’s a real guy. He plays in the box a little in the nickel and does a great job of getting fellas on the ground. It\’s going to be great and tough to go against him and tough to block him.”

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