Steelers Six From Around The Web – Wednesday December 15th – Bungles Fan Eats Crow Edition

Ed Bouchette wrote about the New York Life Protection Index stat that we pretty much tore apart last night. It is a stat that does not paint the whole picture.

Jim Corbett of USA Today writes that James Harrison and Troy Polamalu both could be defensive MVP this year. What a hoot that would be.

Speaking of Troy, Scott Brown writes how he has become a more vocal leader on the team this year.

The pregame release and notes for the Steelers Jets game is up now on

Not January yet but, Andy Fantuz, CFL\’s most outstanding Canadian wide receiver, had a workout Tuesday with the Steelers and has another session planned for Saturday with the Minnesota Vikings. It was first reported that it would be January when this happened. Do not look for any team to sign him until following the season.

Want to watch a Bengals fan pay off a bet to a Steelers fan and eat crow? Watch this great video below.

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