Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Press Conference Tuesday November 30th Week 13 Ravens

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin press conference on Tuesday November 30th, 2010. Tomlin met the media on Tuesday for upcoming week 13 game against the Baltimore Ravens. Tomlin takes questions from the local media and goes over the injuries. Check out our notes and recap below as we add them. Will be updated over next hour.

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Critical play-making at critical times when talking about the Bills game in all 3 phrases. Notes 3rd down play making and Ben Roethlisberger scramble. The Troy Polamalu interception and the defensive play in overtime in defending the blades of grass they were forced to defend.

Some negative adversity was self induced. Notes the turnover as jump starting them and penalties. Notes last two weeks Not going to get carried away with dealing with penalties just focus on what they can control as far as staying in the rules of the NFL.

Injury wise, Antonio Brown had a good workout this morning and he could participate and return this week from the knee injury. Nick Eason looks pretty good and might be limited early in the week, but looking good at having him ready. Same with Bryant McFadden but Tomlin warns about hamstring injuries. McFadden slated to participated. Ben Roethlisberger has a foot sprain and might be limited on Wednesday as he is in a walking boot. Polamalu might be limited to keep him up and running. Aaron Smith is a week better. Matt Spaeth will get Wednesday post concussion test to see if he can work this week. Brett Keisel will be a full participant this week. feeling pretty good from a health standpoint

In regards to Ravens, typical Steelers Ravens game. Significant game. If you want to win the division you have to win division games on the road. The secret in this thing is that there are no secrets. Tomlin notes Joe Flacco and his receivers, the running backs and the Ravens offensive line. Did a nice job blocking us last time and the Steelers have to stop the run.

Defensively Tomlin notes Haloti Ngata, Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed as far as the Ravens defense goes. Tomlin says proceed with caution when facing Reed. Says he makes game changing plays. Notes his 4 interceptions already this year in limited games played.

Tomlin knew Roethlisberger would punt with his left foot and called it. He said he never felt Ben was in any danger of coming out of the game and said his early exit at the half and late arrival after was due to him getting a picture taken of his foot. Pretty comfortable he was going to compete and continue. When asked about Ben getting roughed up under the pile and if he sent that to the league, Tomlin said what he sends to the league is between him and the league. Not worried about Ben hurting the foot worse. Tomlin said Byron Leftwich would be the backup this week again should Ben not be ready to go.

Casey Hampton was a frustrated worker on Sunday because of the Bills using four wide a lot on Sunday.

Says the team could exercise better technique in regards to penalties. He likes the fighting and competing at that can compromise technique.

Tomlin never considered replacing Chris Kemoeatu in the Bills game despite all of his penalties. Liked the way he overcame adversity.

Tomlin does not always match his defense to the other team,s offensive personnel. Down and distance, field position all matter in the big picture. Has no problem using base on early downs regardless of offensive personnel.

Tomlin says that David Johnson has his best days ahead of him when asked if that was his great game this past Sunday. Says he took a step and on the come.

Says Isaac Redman continues to be prepared and earning carries and Tomlin never afraid to give him carries and hasn\’t.

Tomlin says Ziggy Hood is consistently on the rise much like DJ, he is also on the come.

Tomlin will take hard core looks at the healing of Aaron next week.

Says William Gay responded well to the challenge on Sunday. Was competitive and combative per Tomlin. He made plays and challenged throws. Tomlin noted 4 pass breakups. Says his play led to Polamalu interception.

Tomlin in discussing James Harrison hit and the need to change the way he plays says obviously he does because the league does not agree with the way he is doing it now. Tomlin says his opinion doesn’t matter. Tomlin didn’t address whether or not he thought it was a textbook tackle or not. Tomlin in regard to fairness, says life is not fair.

Says Ike Talyor tracked a flat angle in tracking the ball on drop of Steve Johnson. Says it was a great route and great throw.

There may very well be two dogs and two bones in regards to dressing both Emmanuel Sanders and Brown this week.

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