Steelers HC Mike Tomlin Tampa Bay Buccaneers Post Game Press Conference Week 3

Audio from Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin post game press conference following the 2010 week 3 38-13 win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday September 26th, 2010. Transcript to follow on Monday!

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Mike Tomlin: That’s a good road victory for us. We don’t take these for granted. We came into a hostile environment versus an undefeated team and we did the job. Hats off to a lot of people, but you really got to tip a hat to Charlie Batch. What he was able to do for us today. He played like a veteran. This guy hasn’t had a lot of opportunity, not only in recent years, but recent days, weeks, or months. He didn’t blink. He has been a consummate professional and team player. Good things usually happen to those kind of people. That’s a lesson a lot of young people in our locker room could learn from here today. Hopefully they will. A lot of congratulations to go around, just a total team effort and one I’m excited for the men in that locker room.

(Play of the offensive line not being 100% going into the game today)

Mike Tomlin: We are kind of getting used to that. Today, Ramon Foster played and he is the last active guy on our offensive line to play this year. They have all played and they have all played extensively. It’s kind of a benefit when you look at it. We are learning a lesson that maybe some other teams are going to learn later in the year and we are finding ways to win while we do it. So when you win, it’s a positive thing. I like the contribution of all the people participated. Doug Legursky, Ramon Foster played some, Jonathan Scott rotated at the tackle. It was a nasty muggy day out there, so we had to play some folks. They upheld the standard and so it was a good performance.

(On the standard and accountably of the team regardless of who is out there)

Mike Tomlin: Not extraordinarily. I mean what I say when I say I expect them to uphold a standard. The standard is winning. The eleven on the field represent us. They are capable and they embrace it.

(Take shots down the field with S Tanard Jackson out)

Mike Tomlin: I wasn’t sure. We knew we potentially had to, because we knew they would pack the line of scrimmage early. Didn’t feel great about it, but had to do it, because we knew how they were going to play. They didn’t waste any time getting the 35 down there in the box early on.

(On going back and starting Charlie Batch against Atlanta or Tennessee)

Mike Tomlin: Man, I don’t get do overs. I don’t live in that world. I’ll let you guys talk about that. Right now we are 3-0 and we are getting ready for Baltimore.

(Up 21-6 at half and turning loose)

Mike Tomlin: Our glass is half-full. We have a great deal of trust in all of our men but in, particularly Charlie [Batch]. He is a veteran guy. He’s not careless with the ball, so you want to give guys the opportunity to play to win, and that’s what we wanted to do. They did a nice job executing.”

(On if there was miscommunication on the first interception)

Mike Tomlin: No, Aqib Talib, I think just did a nice job of going low on the shoulder on a shallow cross. He was running up field shoulder until he got to the point of the ball. He just made a play that young talented guys make. He is one of the young talented corners in the league, no doubt.

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