Charlie Batch Played Nearly Perfect Against Titans

It is amazing how much grief Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch is getting across Steeler Nation this week. I swear I think most people only listen to the game on radio or only watch the game the original airing. They then rely on the NFL gamebook to tell their story or base their argument on. Let\’s face it, the Steelers offense looked spotty at times on Sunday, but to put the blame on Batch is idiotic. What happened on Sunday offensively, falls mostly on the receivers more than anything. Heath Miller, Mike Wallace, Hines Ward and Antwaan Randle El all failed to execute on some key catches in the game Sunday, four of which came on 3rd downs.

The stat sheet has Batch going 5 of 11 passing for 25 yards and a measly 52.5 QB rating. As you will see in the animated gifs below, 5 of these passes could be argued as very catchable balls. Let us also not forget that Batch had a TD pass to Mike Wallace called back by a holding call on left tackle Jonathan Scott. Batch also was sacked twice on the day both times on 3rd down. We covered all 4 sacks from Sunday here and the play by play offensive line play here.

In reality, the stat line for Batch on Sunday should of read, 10 of 11 passing for 119 yards and 1 touchdown. That equates to a 153.2 QB rating on the day and does not factor in the called back TD to Wallace. A perfect QB rating is 158.3, so you can see what I mean by Batch played nearly perfect. So if indeed Batch is under center against Tampa Bay on Sunday, you should feel that the offense is in good hands. The hands you need to worry about are those of Miller, Wallace, Ward and El. They and the offensive line are to blame mostly for the poor offensive performance this past Sunday in Nashville, not Charlie.

Batch Miller incomplete

3-13-PIT 18 (10:43) (Shotgun) C.Batch pass incomplete short middle to H.Miller (S.Tulloch).

.”]Batch Miller incomplete 2
Batch Wallace incomplete

3-11-TEN 46 (2:00) (Shotgun) C.Batch pass incomplete deep middle to M.Wallace (C.Hope).

Batch Wallace touchdown

2-3-TEN 16 (:54) C.Batch pass deep left to M.Wallace for 16 yards, TOUCHDOWN NULLIFIED by Penalty.

Batch El incomplete

3-11-PIT 13 (10:42) (Shotgun) C.Batch pass incomplete short left to A.Randle El.

Batch Ward incomplete

3-4-TEN 9 (5:10) C.Batch pass incomplete short right to H.Ward.

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