Breakdown Of The 8 Dennis Dixon Misfires Against Atlanta

I am starting to wind down my week 1 coverage, but wanted to address and break down the 7 incompletions and one interception by quarterback Dennis Dixon versus the Falcons this past Sunday. Below are the 8 animated gifs of the plays and a brief summary of each. If the animations are not working for you in explorer, go to Internet Options, select the Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see “Play animations in webpages” under Multimedia is checked. Then restart your IE browser.

Dennis Dixon miss one Falcons

The first incompletion was a quick drop and pass to the left to Antwaan Randle El. Merely a miss fire by Dixon at the feet of El who had the first down and perhaps some running room after the catch.

Dennis Dixon miss two Falcons

The second incompletion is another quick drop and pass to the right to Mike Wallace. Again it is at the feet of the receiver. It also looks like Dixon stares him down, but had him with a good pass and also was enough for a first down.

Dennis Dixon miss three Falcons

The third miss was the interception. Dixon was not under any real pressure and only has to put a little touch on it to get it over the linebacker who was dropping in coverage. Tight end Heath Miller appears to be wide open on a short out pattern to the right.

Dennis Dixon miss four Falcons

The fourth miss was almost intercepted as well as Dixon has problems again with the end John Abraham dropping into coverage on Hines Ward. This is starting to be a reoccuring theme with him as he had one picked late in his first start last year against Baltimore as a lineman dropped into coverage.

Dennis Dixon miss five Falcons

The fifth miss Dixon forces in to Antwaan Randle El and El lands out of bounds. Dixon may have been better served taking off with this and giving a pump fake on the run. He might have gained 4 or 5 yards. Not a real bad attempt though.

Dennis Dixon miss six Falcons

The sixth miss was another at the feet of Antwaan Randle El. If he gets it up, it looks like another catch.

Dennis Dixon miss seven Falcons

The seventh miss could of been a pick 6 as Dixon stares down Mike Wallace who is covered underneath and over the top.

Dennis Dixon miss eight Falcons

On the last miss, left tackle Jonathan Scott fails on his cut block on Chauncey Davis, who leaps up and almost gets a pick. The pass was a quick screen to Mike wallace.

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