Steelers 2010 Training Camp Day 6 Recap & Notes – Wednesday – August 4th

Day 6 of training camp has started in Latrobe now as today features just one practice today and it is open to the public. We will have news, notes, nuggets and practice information from today posted up on this page as we get it in. Check back often through out the evening to see the updates per our usual.

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  • Only one practice today, thus the late start posting.
  • While you wait, here is a link of the Dick LeBeau interview on Mike & Mike this morning.
  • During a visit to the Baltimore Ravens training camp Wednesday, Commissioner Roger Goodell said of Ben Roethlisberger: “He is doing what he\’s been asked to do — and frankly more.”
  • Afternoon practice scheduled to start at 2:55 PM.
  • Happy Birthday to rookie lineman Chris Scott, who remains on the PUP list with a foot injury. 23 today.
  • Ken Laird of 1250 ESPN posted on Twitter: “just chatted w/ Ben Roethlisberger along w/ Brown and Kaboly of Trib… Ben on where he will go during suspension: ‘I have a couple plans… it kind of depends on how long the suspension is. You guys will hear about it, I’m sure, but it won’t be for the attention… It’ll be to workout & get better. I found out yesterday that I don’t think I’m allowed to have any contact w/ anybody [from the team] … I feel like I’ve done everything [the NFL Commish] has asked me to do and then some… just anxious for him to make a decision’”. Ben on his rookie WRs: “I hesitate talking too much about \’em b/c I don\’t want them to read about it, but they\’re doing some great things… Ben: “the good thing is we don\’t need them right now. They\’re guys that could come in and make splash plays like Mike [Wallace] last year.”
  • Chris Mack of 1250 ESPN posted on Twitter Today from #Steelers camp: Emmanuel Sanders (sayin PacMan can\’t cover him) at 2:40, RandleEl at 3:50, Troy at 5:15
  • Plaxico Burress is due out of prison because of good behavior in just a few more weeks.
  • Nick Eason says for a month and a half he has had to pack a hole in his stomach and pump out bile acid through a tube. He\’s easing back into things since having had his appendix surgery and part of his colon removed due to infection.
  • Roethlisberger says he has been working out harder on his own this offseason including kickboxing.
  • Roethlisberger calls Heath Miller best all around tight end.
  • Lawrence Timmons says he wants double digit sacks this year, says that\’s definitely where the money is.
  • Jonathan Dwyer and Frank Summers not practicing so far this afternoon.
  • Rookie linebacker Jason Worilds out again and working on the side. Nick Eason is back from dehydration.
  • Splitting up into individual positional drills. Dwyer is not out there. Rashard Mendenhall going through drills.
  • Referees are present today for practice.
  • Emmanuel Sanders says he is running 2nd string kickoff returner and punt returner
  • Sanders says he worked at Deion Sanders camp last 3 years against NFL corners. Worked against PacMan & others.
  • Linebacker Andre Frazier remains sidelined on PUP list with Scott.
  • Pouncey still running mostly 2nd team right guard.
  • Dwayne Wright hard nosed like Isaac Redman. Do everything back…block, carry & play special teams.
  • First team offense versus first team defense now.
  • Mendenhall full speed. Leftwich first team quarterback. David Johnson h-back/fullback.
  • Defenses doing overload, walk around fire zone blitzes & confusing o-line.
  • Running full 11 on 11 with referees.
  • Storms rolling in. Team really needs a full session here after Tomlin canceled morning practice.
  • Dennis Dixon throwing good and running some option formations.
  • Sunny Harris, Scott Paxson and Dwayne Wright sidelined.
  • Wright reportedly has a groin injury. Paxson left on cart.
  • Ziggy Hood is an angry man, Chris Hoke an angry old man. Center Justin Hartwig is an old woman.
  • Leftwich ran all 1st team today, Roethlisberger all 2nd team & Dixon all 3rd team snaps.
  • Tomlin says Summers has a concussion while Paxson and Wright are termed heat related injuries.
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