2010 Draft

Steelers Select RB Jonathan Dwyer With The 188th Selection 19th Pick In The Sixth Round Of 2010 NFL Draft

Steelers selected RB Jonathan Dwyer with the 188th selection 19th pick in the 6th round Of 2010 NFL Draft. Dwyer is another underclassman out of Georgia Tech that is a great athlete with excellent running back size. Dwyer is a powerful inside runner that likes running downhill. He changes directions well, but is not a back who can get to the edges. He hits the hole hard and better suited to break tackles inside. Not a dancer, just straight ahead power back that likes to run over people. Not a burner, but is deceptive speed wise. Worked in the option, but is better suited for a pro style offense. Not a pass catcher and needs to learn how to block better, but shown willingness. Ideal short yardage ball carrier. Played fullback for the Georgia Tech in Paul Johnson\’s option system and could translate to a true fullback in the NFL with strength added and good coaching. Averaged 6.2 yards per carry on just over 500 college carries with 35 touchdowns. Dwyer suffers from ADD and takes the drug Vyanse. The medication tripped the drug test on Dwyer at the NFL combine. He has been taking Vyanse since he was a kid for academic reasons.

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