Steelers Six From Around The Web – Wednesday March 10th

Friend of Steelers Depot and Pittsburgh sports agent, Ralph Cindrich, offered some pretty stern advice to Ben Roethlisberger in regards to his latest allegations. I really do side with Cindrich on this. How do you feel? Cindrich was also on Sirius NFL radio this morning with Randy Cross and Bob Papa talking about the situation as well.

Regarding the Roethlisberger situation, Steelers tackle, Willie Colon, is doing his best Sergeant Schultz impersonation saying that he saw nothing while out with Big Ben on his birthday. Colon\’s agent, Joe Linta, suggest that Willie\’s name need not be mentioned anymore in regards to the case. This pretty much is what you expect an agent to do for his client. Hopefully TMZ does not uncover the dancing footage.

Former Steelers linebacker and current free agent Larry Foote is looking for a deal that exceeds Scott Fujita’s new contract. Fujita’s recent deal with the Cleveland Browns was a three-year, $14 million contract with $8 million guaranteed. I doubt those are numbers the Steelers are willing to pay.

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Following his signing back with Pittsburgh wide receiver Antwaan Randle El held a press conference to annswer questions from the media. The video is below.
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In addition to that press conference, both Randle El and newly resigned safety Ryan Clark were on ESPN 1250 The Drive answering questions yesterday. You can listen to the replay below. The El interview takes place at about the 40 minute mark, while the Clark interview takes place at about the 60 minute mark.

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