Steelers Versus Dolphins Week 17 Preview & Prediction

If the Steelers want any chance of making the playoffs, it must start with a win in Miami. The defense needs to keep the Wildcat offense of the Dolphins in check and the linebackers will get a workout today. Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne is vulnerable to the sack and the Steelers defense needs to be in his face all day. Dolphins running back Ricky Williams is banged up coming into the game and must pay for every yard he gets. Nose tackle Casey Hampton will be tested up the middle in what could be his final game in a Steelers uniform. The Dolphins offense must be put in obvious passing situations and their young receivers must be pushed around and intimidated early on.

On offense, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger must continue to do what he has done over the last several weeks. The Steelers have been making a living through the air and tight end Heath Miller may be the key today as the Dolphins will look to bottle up Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward with extra help. Running back Rashard Mendenhall should also see room in screen plays and could get singled up for big plays on dump offs. Roethlisberger can not allow himself to be sacked by holding on to the ball too long.

Special teams have been better since the return of Anthony Madison, but still are susceptible to big returns. They must make the Dolphins drive long fields.

Really not much left to say about two teams who are on the outside looking into the playoff picture. The Steelers should win this game and can hopefully watch the late games with some hope of making it in.

Prediction: Steelers 24 Dolphins 16

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