While Your Out On The Ledge, Pray For Help

Many of Steeler Nation are out on ledge today and no one can blame them for being there. Over the last 4 games the Steelers are 0-4 when at worst they should be 2-2. The 0-4 mark of the recent weeks has the Steelers facing a remaining schedule that they must treat as the beginning of the playoffs. A loss in any game going forward will signal the end of the season.

Just because it is now the beginning of the playoffs for them, there are still no guarantees left. Merely winning the remaining 4 games on the schedule guarantees them absolutely nothing right now. If they are to capture one of the two Wild Card spots in the AFC, they have 3 other teams in essence they need to worry about. First up is the Baltimore Ravens who tonight face the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. If the Ravens win tonight, they would have to lose one other game besides the head to head rematch in a few weeks to the Steelers. Tonight is the best shot the Ravens have at getting a loss. Pray the Packers take care of business.

The second team is the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars need to lose 2 of their 4 remaining games against the Dolphins, Colts, Patriots and Browns. Lastly the New York Jets pose the final realistic threat. They need one more loss in their final 4 games. In a nutshell that is what you are praying for right now playoff scenario wise.

While you are praying, pray that the Steelers can fix their defensive problems literally over night. If the Steelers do not fix that and fail to run the table in the process, we will quickly be moving on to preparations for the 2010 draft.

One last thing. Do not jump yet, but have yourself in the jumping position. You are not allowed off of the ledge at this point. Don\’t look down and by all means pray!

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